VU.CITY is a smart city planning platform where users can view building designs and data interactively and in the context of where it is proposed they’ll be built. The 3D platform helps architects and planners understand the impact of change in cities and on the environment. The Board were keen to enlist the help of a UK gaming agency to understand if both their 3D models and live data might prove valuable in the world of video gaming.

Strive Sponsorship was engaged as the UK gaming agency of choice given our extensive gaming industry knowledge and global network of studios and developers.

UK gaming agency / Strive’s scope of work

  • Build an understanding of VU.CITY’s 3D model and data capability
  • Undertake a feasibility analysis of if this provided value to the games industry, where most traction might be gained and the potential market size of the opportunity
  • Subject to there being an opportunity, and it being of a scale worth investing in, take the proposition to market


  1. Presented a set of five key findings and five recommendations
  2. Identified a new market opportunity, one to keep a watching brief on, and a mechanism to test and learn if there was a market appetite in another area
  3. Introduced two potential new clients in differing markets, one of which was a AAA game publisher
  4. We were commended on our straightforward and honest approach by the CEO

Client comment

The growing global video game industry and fast-evolving metaverse, where virtual worlds and the buying of virtual land are gaining evermore prominence, is an obvious place for us to investigate.

We’re aware both of these industries are changing rapidly and require highly specialized knowledge to understand, and a strong and reliable network to explore properly, which is why we partnered with Strive who provided proven expertise in the space.

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Frequently asked questions

Is gaming big in the UK?

There are 39.1m gamers in the UK (18th most in the world) who spent $5.5bn USD on games in 2022 (6th most in the world). 71% of gamers play, 36% watch gaming content, and 6% create content. Console gamers spend an average of 5 hours 42 minutes playing a week.

What does a gaming agency do?

Gaming agencies provide a variety of services. Strive Sponsorship advises on gaming, esports and sports marketing and sponsorship strategy (what and who to sponsor), helps negotiate sponsorship deals, and helps brands leverage sponsorships to maximise return on investment (this may involve PR, events, social media content and activations etc).

How old is the average gamer in the UK?

Gaming has a fairly even spread of popularity across age groups. In 2022 10-20-year-olds made up 23% of all UK gamers, 33% were 21-35 years old, 28% 36-50 years old, and 16% were 51-65 years old.