The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is the international governing body for the sport of badminton recognised by the International Olympic Committee. It is charged with governing and growing the sport. They engaged Strive to help the Board better understand esports and gaming and inform their esports and gaming strategy, with a view to delivering against their strategic objectives.

Esports and gaming strategy scope of work

  1. Deliver a workshop to help the BWF’s team understand the:
    1. Difference between esports and gaming
    2. Esports competitive landscape and wider ecosystem
    3. Gaming audience
    4. Esports audience
    5. Gaming revenue
    6. Esports revenue
    7. Sports commercial approach to gaming
    8. Sports commercial approach to esports
    9. Gaming’s commercial challenges
    10. Esports’ commercial challenges
    11. Global gaming trends
    12. Global esports trends
  2. Develop a clear understanding of the BWF’s objectives and current, and target, audiences
  3. Recommend if the BWF could, and indeed should, develop an esports and/or gaming marketing strategy


The BWF developed a better understanding of esports and gaming and the art of the possible. We agreed that at that particular time, and based on their strategic objectives and priorities, a watching brief on how the industry evolved was best rather than a strategic play.

Looking for help with your gaming strategy?

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Frequently asked questions

What are examples of in-game marketing?

Strive Sponsorship has identified 16 different ways brands can be integrated into video games. Two of the most popular methods are programmatic intrinsic in-game ads (i.e. authentic and realistic ads that display on game assets like advertising boards or buildings etc) and immersive gaming experiences/worlds (i.e. branded environments, experiences and events within virtual worlds like Fortnite, Roblox, The Sandbox etc).

What are the three basic types of in-game marketing?

Bidstack, an in-game advertising company, suggests there are actually five types of in-game marketing ads rather than three. Namely in-game ads, in-menu ads, racing environments, open-world environments, and stadium environments.

What are the trends in video gaming marketing?

The current biggest trend in video game marketing is the creation of branded environments, experiences and events within virtual worlds like Fortnite, Roblox, The Sandbox etc. Examples include WimbleWorld (developed by Wimbledon, the tennis tournament), and FIFA World (in support of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023).