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Esports sponsorship exposure trends report 2021

Any sponsorship practitioner worth their salt will tell you that measuring a sponsorship's effectiveness by a single measure has little [...]

Guild Esports: The detail behind the bet on Beckham

On 25th June 2020 Guild Esports was presented to the world with David Beckham positioned front and centre as a [...]

The sports industry outlook report 2020

Deloitte's sports industry outlook report 2020 predicts the trends that they believe will dominate and disrupt the sports industry over the next [...]

Strive facilitates BT’s lead partnership of Excel Esports

BT has signed a new multi-year contract with Excel Esports to become their exclusive lead partner for the League of [...]

Smarkets expands Strive’s social media remit

Smarkets, who operate one of the world’s leading betting exchanges, has increased Strive Sponsorship’s scope of work to include social [...]

‘While esports is the answer, what is the question?’: a traditional sport’s guide to entering gaming

It is one of the greatest misnomers in business; to strike when the iron is hot when, truthfully, you do [...]

Monetising fan engagement in the digital era

Accedo's 'Monetising fan engagement in the digital era' whitepaper explores the concept of fan engagement, how digital is changing this [...]

Esports trends to watch out for in 2019

Esports trends to watch out for in 2019 are addressed in Newzoo's report entitled 'Five Developments Transforming the Esports Market'. [...]

The seven commandments of esports communications

The Story Mob's 'seven commandments of esports communications' whitepaper gives a fan-focused view of esports communications that teams and sponsor brands [...]

Guide to esports league sponsorships for consumer brands

Newzoo's guide to esports league sponsorships for consumer brands addresses one of many options available to brands to leverage esports [...]