Gfinity is a publicly traded international esports event owner, broadcaster, digital content publisher, online gaming platform, esports venue, and events delivery partner for third parties. They were one of the first esports businesses of any scale to come to market in the UK. They engaged Strive, an innovative esports consultancy, to help them build a strategy to attract sponsorship investment for owned and hosted events at a time when brands hadn’t even heard of esports, let alone understood what potential value it could offer their marketing efforts.

Esports consultancy / Strive’s scope of work

  1. Develop a clear and investable commercial sponsorship proposition that brands could understand and would want to be part of
  2. Build a coherent sales narrative that explained what esports is and the relevant opportunities it could offer the brand in reaching their objectives
  3. Develop commercial sponsorship rights and engagement programmes that maximised the value existing partners could enjoy and that could be sold to potential new partners


Gfinity delivered the F1 Esports Series, the F1 COVID-19 races on Sky Sports, the ePremier League, and a FIFA-based esports competition for BT. Subsequent sponsors included Lynx and Dominos.

Client comment

We were immediately impressed with Strive’s knowledge of, and passion for, the evolving esports ecosystem and fan base. Strive’s first-hand experience of helping rightsholders create value for sponsors whilst delivering a commercial return was exactly the expertise we required.

Need help from an esports consultancy?

If you’re looking for advice from an esports or gaming agency, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for sponsorship, marketing, commercial, content, media,  investment, and communications consultancy services.

Frequently asked questions

What does an esports advisor do?

An esports advisor can provide an array of different services. In way of example, Strive Sponsorship advises on esports marketing and sponsorship strategy (what and who to sponsor), helps negotiate sponsorship deals, and helps brands leverage sponsorships to maximise return on investment (this may involve PR, events, social media content and activations etc).

How is esports organised in the UK?

UK esports competitions are organised by a combination of video game publishers and independent event organisers who operate under a license from the publisher of the game. Game publishers that organise their own UK tournaments include Riot Games, Activision and EA. Independent esports tournament organisers include Blast, ESL, Esports Scotland, and NSE.

Is esports growing in the UK?

Statista reports that UK esports industry revenue will continuously increase between 2023 and 2027 by a total of 21.3 million U.S. dollars (+42.49%). Revenue is estimated to reach $71.47 million U.S. dollars in 2027. So yes, esports is predicted to continue its growth curve in the next four years.