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A sporting commercial model for the digital age

Ben Wells is the Managing Director of Well Said, a consultancy that operates where sport meets technology and strategy, and author [...]

Esports media: How it’s broadcast to fans, and how traditional TV is getting involved

Twitch and YouTube are the dominant esports media brands, and are battling for market share Conventional TV wants to get [...]

Commercial trends in sport 2017

Nielsen Sports ‘ Commercial trends in sport 2017 ’ summarises the key changes we are seeing across the commercial landscape in [...]

Esports | Stability is key for Overwatch League

Overwatch League will be based on hit multi-player video game launched last year Competition set to launch this year following [...]

Commercial Trends in Sport Report 2016

Repucom (now Nielsen Sports) 'Commercial trends in sport report 2016' summarises the key changes we are seeing across the commercial landscape [...]

What are the opportunities within esports for brands and rightsholders?

The University of Salford Centre for Sports Business, in collaboration with The Digital Cluster and World Gaming Executives hosted a one-day [...]

Why blue-chip brands have been slow to sponsor esports

When will blue-chip brands get seriously involved in esports? This question is being posed at every industry conference, podcast and [...]

Esports – a threat, or an opportunity, for traditional sports?

As competition for people's attention intensifies and each new generation's media consumption habits change, digital media has become the new norm [...]

Why sports and brands want to be in esports

Newzoo, a gaming and esports specialist research agency, has released it's latest data report 'Why sports and brands want to [...]

Esports: How we got to here, and what comes next

Gazing into a crystal ball to predict the future for the esports sector isn’t an easy task. After all, who [...]