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COVID-19 impact on video game streaming audiences report

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the world of real-life events grind to a halt.  Whilst sport has experienced a major downturn [...]

Travis Scott and Fortnite: Astronomical – music and gaming event report

Epic Games, and their popular video game Fortnite, are well known for bringing fans passion points together in a fusion of [...]

The growing population of gamer mums report

Contrary to popular opinion, gaming is not purely dominated by young males. A significant portion of the audience is made [...]

Sport and gamification report 2020

Leaders sport and gamification report 2020 outlines the concept game theory explaining how it has been used in teaching and positive behavioural training, [...]

The LaLiga Santander coronavirus esports challenge report

Much has been reported about the lack of competitive sport during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and the gap this has [...]

Emerging technologies in sports report – 2020

Cap Gemini's emerging technologies in sports report - 2020 explores how emerging digital technologies are offering exciting new ways to enjoy sport, [...]

Global Esports Market Report 2020

Newzoo's annual Global Esports Market Report 2020 aims to give a reliable and realistic overview of the current status and [...]

How to engage the continously changing fluid fan

The Sports Innovation Lab's latest report, how to engage the continuously changing fluid fan, reflects on the fact that sport [...]

Global gaming personas audience report 2020

GlobalWebIndex's global gaming personas audience report 2020 provides a segmentation to help explain the profile, attitudes and behaviours of six gamer [...]

US and China Gamer Motivation Study – January 2020

Newzoo's US and China Gamer Motivation Study - January 2020 includes high-level findings behind viewing and gaming behaviour, how motivations differ per [...]