Secret Cinema is the pioneer of multi-layered immersive cinema where large-scale cultural experiences are created in abandoned spaces. From cult classics to new releases, films are brought to life around you in the world’s most spectacular spaces. Strive was retained to support the sponsorship strategy and iterate the partnership offering to secure partners in the final months proceeding the launch of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, which played to an audience over over 70,000 people during the course of its run.

Sponsorship strategy scope of work

  • Establish ways to integrate partner brands into the event narrative that didn’t harm the creative authenticity of the show whilst also delivering value to partners
  • Secure new partners


New approaches to monetization were developed and an array of premium brands expressed interest in partnering both for Moulin Rouge and future productions.

Client comment

Film fans, fuelled by a desire to fill the void left by an over-saturated technological world, value authentic and personal experiences. Secret Cinema creates these unique spaces for social encounters, adventures and discoveries, where films come to life.

It’s vital that as Secret Group grows, this isn’t lost. As such we work with businesses, like Strive, that share and understand this philosophy and can add their expertise to our own to create and deliver value to all parties.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an example of a brand sponsorship strategy?

A brand sponsorship strategy is an overarching approach/direction taken to try and deliver a set of measurable objectives. ‘Inspiration to participation’ was Sky’s strategic positioning in trying to help Team Sky win the Tour de France with a British cyclist for the first time, and inspire one million more people to cycle regularly.

What is the importance of sponsorship strategy?

It’s important as it creates a clear direction that all activity should deliver against. Success is more likely if everyone within a business has clear goals and is following the same direction. A strategy helps prevent individuals from losing sight of what is really important. In sponsorship, it ensures that both the sponsor and rights holder are aligned in what success looks like and enables the budget to be spent effectively.

Is sponsorship a PR strategy?

Sponsorship is not a PR strategy. In fact, PR is a channel that is often used to leverage sponsorship assets, in the same way events and digital content may be. Sponsorship is more similar to advertising, although, unlike advertising which is interrupting, sponsorship is part of the fabric of what people are interested in and can add value to that experience (if done well).