The brands that have seized the opportunity during COVID have enabled people to navigate life more easily, achieving convenience, comfort and a welcome distraction. These brands had anticipated, even invented, the online-offline dynamics of modern life that became indispensable for survival during the lockdown at home. Even when their service was experience-based, those brands managed to think out of the box and quickly adapt so that they could continue engaging with their audiences regularly. From young challengers to global players, from FMCG to FinTech, WeLaunch’s report highlights the brands that have struck a chord and been smashing it throughout a global pandemic.

Strive was pleased to be able to contribute to the report providing insights on the sport, esports and gaming worlds. Peloton, Animal Crossing and the F1 Virtual Series were all companies who excelled during the pandemic, which we evidenced with the info we provided to support the writing of this report.  The total list of brands included was:

  1. Lucky Saint
  2. Freddie’s Flowers
  3. Recess
  4. Starface
  5. Lululemon
  6. Tony’s Chocolonely
  7. Colorful Standard
  8. Dash Water
  9. Calm
  11. Peloton
  12. Brompton
  13. Birch
  14. Allplants
  15. Lego
  16. Domino’s
  17. Animal Crossing
  18. Travis Scott
  19. F1 Virtual Series

Click here to read the full brands that have seized the opportunity during COVID report.

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