Repucom (now Nielsen Sports) ‘Commercial trends in sport report 2016’ summarises the key changes we are seeing across the commercial landscape in global sports.

“Professional sport and the various industries around it, notably technology and media, are evolving every day; new partnerships, fresh thinking, innovations, breakthroughs and more refined models are changing the dynamics for brands, rights holders, broadcasters, agencies and indeed anyone involved in the organisation and commercialisation of professional sport.

Plotting a course through this ever-changing commercial landscape can be tricky, which is why Repucom (Nielsen Sports) has collated expertise, insights and data from across our 22 offices around the world and defined ten global trends in sports for 2016 and beyond.

From return on investment to fast-growth sports events, digital revenues to fan engagement, these are the ten commercial issues we believe will continue to be of fundamental importance across sport – and for each trend we’ve included our take on what may lie ahead, forecasts underpinned by our team of global experts and Repucom’s vast global insights and data sets” says Repucom (now Nielsen Sports).

In this report, you’ll find an overview of these ten trends, also highlighted below.

  1. The world of sport is growing and expanding
  2. Partnerships are becoming more immersive and rewarding
  3. The competition to capture new audiences is intense
  4. Broadcast media: more valuable than ever but under threat
  5. Expansion of fast-growth sports and events
  6. Sport is under intense scrutiny and governance is key
  7. Digital and social: the revenue roadmap is starting to unblock
  8. New technologies transforming the fan experience at venues and at home
  9. Increased focus on building strong fan relationships is paying back
  10. Everything is measurable and accountability is more important than ever

Click here to download the Commercial trends in sport report 2016.

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