Strava is a website and mobile app that is used to track athletic activity via GPS. It also allows a host of third party devices and apps to upload data captured to its platform.

Starva also publicly ranks your best time on “segments” of road/path as you cycle/run, comparing your efforts to those of other users. You can also follow friends activities comparing yourself to them, or see how well you’re doing versus other people of the same sex and/or age.

“Strava Insights is a new platform with revealing insights into running and cycling behaviour across 12 cities around the world. The dataset grows by over five million activities per week and comprises of nearly a trillion GPS data points” says Simon Klima, UK Country Manager for Strava.

“As it stands, over 30 million activities have been uploaded in the last year across these 12 cities.”

To check it out visit: http://insights.strava.com/

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