The pace of change in sports is formidable, says Deloitte’s Future of Sport report. New investors and innovators are storming into the industry, sweeping in new platforms, products and events that are challenging the status quo of sport in every country – and community – around the world. This report outlines the change on the horizon and the proactive steps sports marketing agencies can help their clients with to build a sustainable and trusted business to serve fans, players and commercial partners for decades to come.

6 macro forces sports marketing agencies need to understand are changing the future of sports

  1. Evolving Global Sports Market – The relentless growth of the sports industry has attracted significant new investor interest, which is acting as a catalyst for increased professionalisation and commercialisation across sports. Rightsholders are seeking to use this investment to fund ambitious growth plans, while investors are seeking to create integrated sport, technology and entertainment portfolios
  2. Next Generation of Fans – Younger generations engage with sports differently from their parents, prompting organisations to adapt and deliver diversified offerings to appeal to a range of demographics. Sports are exploring innovative formats and content ideas, while also ensuring that they maintain their traditional, core fan base
  3. Pace of Digital – Digital innovation is creating new ways for people to play, consume, and engage with sports. Organisations are turning to technology to enhance their capabilities. In the future, sports organisations will harness powerful technologies in all aspects of their operations
  4. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion – Younger generations, in particular, are prioritising purpose and demanding brands reflect their values on key societal issues, such as DE&I. Sports organisations are embracing the challenge; driving inclusive participation and improving the DE&I of their workforces, whilst assuming a publicly purpose-driven role as catalysts of change
  5. Health and Well-being – s attention continues to be drawn towards long-term player welfare, and multiple governing bodies and federations are driving positive safety developments. Sports will continue to assume a more influential role in promoting physical and mental health and well-being, driving societal awareness and delivering more equitable opportunities for everyone to engage in sports
  6. Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability – The sports industry is heavily intertwined with climate change as both a contributor and a casualty. Revised societal expectations are compelling sports organisations to adopt more innovative practices, and we are witnessing a transition from exploring sustainability to being sustainable

Download the report detailing the industry changes sports marketing agencies need to know, here.

Looking for sports marketing agencies to work with?

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Frequently asked questions

What is the biggest sports marketing agency?

There is no single definitive industry-wide ranking of sports marketing agencies by size. Global network sports marketing agencies like CAA and Endeavour are likely to be two of the biggest. However, there is a trend to work with smaller more specialist agencies.  Strive Sponsorship is one of these and had a 100% client retention rate and grew revenue by over 65% in 2022.

What does a sports marketing agent do?

Sports agencies can provide a variety of services. Strive Sponsorship advises on sports marketing and sponsorship strategy (what and who to sponsor), helps negotiate sponsorship deals, and helps brands leverage sponsorships to maximise return on investment (this may involve PR, events, social media content and activations etc).

What is an example of sports marketing?

There are many examples of brands using sports events, activities, people, teams, broadcasts etc to promote their products and services. Nike is a brand often celebrated for its use of athletes in its sports marketing activity. Here are 11 good examples of sports marketing campaigns.