VU.CITY, the smart city 3D planning platform that helps architects, developers and planners make better design decisions, has appointed Strive Sponsorship to assess the potential for its models and data to add value to the metaverse and video games industries.

Strive will showcase VU.CITY’s technology and capability to developers and studios across the global metaverse and games industries, getting their feedback to develop a clear view of the value VU.CITY’s platform might provide. Subject to the findings of this analysis, Strive will identify target markets, develop a commercial model, build a go-to-market strategy, and deliver sales.

Commenting on the announcement, VU.CITY CEO Jamie Holmes said:

We have achieved a lot in the UK property development space in a short time and want to open up our platform to other geographies and industries as we advance. Our goal is to support any location or industry that requires accurate visual representations of the built environment.

The growing global video game industry and fast evolving metaverse, where virtual worlds and the buying of virtual land is gaining evermore prominence, is an obvious place for us to investigate.

We’re aware both of these industries are changing rapidly and require highly specialised knowledge to understand, and a strong and reliable network to explore properly, which is why we have partnered with Strive who can provide proven expertise in the space.

Malph Minns, Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship, said:

We’re big advocates of doing informed due diligence to understand market fit before bowling into an industry and assuming you can offer value. We’ve seen brands make expensive mistakes by not adopting this approach, or taking ill-informed advice, in other emerging industries, like esports.

Alex Boucher brings years over 12 years of games industry experience to our team, as well as an extensive international network, and is integral to delivering this work.

We like that VU.CITY has approached things with a practical, realistic, and open-minded perspective rather than with a set outcome that they want our help to justify. We believe that this approach leads to the best results and can’t wait to get started.

If you’re looking for advice from a gaming and/or metaverse agency, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for esports, sports, sponsorship, commercial, content, media, operations, investment, and communications consultancy services.