WARC’s advertising opportunities in gaming report aggregates research from an array of sources with a focus on the application of advertising in mobile gaming, streaming and esports.  The content includes gaming audience profiles, market sizing, advertising performance and future opportunities, media owner profiles (e.g. Twitter, Netflix etc) and provides the latest market intelligence relating to customer sentiment, media consumption habits and the impact of COVID-19.

Some of the takeaways from the advertising opportunities in gaming report include:

  1. There are 3.4bn gamers globally (700m more than what Newzoo reports), 35% 0f which are mobile-only, increasing by 662m from 2015
  2. Average gaming sessions last for 4 hours 36 minutes
  3. 3.7 adverts are served per gaming session
  4. Nearly a third of gamers are categorised within the high-income group, and over two-thirds are classified within the medium to high groups with 57% in full-time employment
  5. Mobile gaming includes a broad spectrum of users who may not self-identify as gamers. They are usually casual players and skew older than average
  6. Mobile gamers understand the value exchange of advertising.  Most don’t mind advertising if it keeps the game free-to-play. Seemingly advertising doesn’t impact player churn and is far more effective than banner advertising when inserted programmatically
  7. Streaming is, for younger audiences, the new ‘prime time’. Twitch alone draws 1.9m (predominantly Gen Z) viewers per day, mostly after 7 pm. Two-thirds of 18-25-year-old gamers would rather play video games or watch gaming content than watch TV
  8. COVID-19-induced lockdowns have resulted in a spike in streaming consumption, particularly on Twitch. Within esports, however, existing audiences apparently consolidated while new viewers proved hard to attract, despite more content being broadcast in the absence of sport
  9. Esports is becoming further established in Asia with a second-generation evolution into female-led mobile competition, all-female teams and women-only leagues

For more detail, and to download the advertising opportunities in gaming report, please click here.

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