GlobalWebIndex’s global gaming personas audience report 2020 provides a segmentation to help explain the profile, attitudes and behaviours of six gamer persona types it has identified (named Mobile-only, Casual gamer, Esporter, Socializer, Cloud gamer, and Influencer) from surveying over 688,000 16-64 year-olds from around the world.

Gamers make up 37% of internet users. While the group is male-dominated, it’s surprisingly diverse in other ways. The global gaming personas audience report 2020 helps explain what each of the six segments does, what interests them, and what defines them.

The report is split into four main sections and often breaks showcase the data by region (and sometimes country) and gender as well as a persona type:

  1. Gamer demographics
    • Summary by persona, age and region
    • The prominence of some countries in each segment
    • Explanation of key differences between personas
  2. Gamer attitudes & interests
    • Main passions aside from gaming (e.g. music)
    • Sports interests
    • Most distinctive attitudinal perspectives
    • Standout findings
    • Deeper dive into correlation with interest in music
    • Attitudinal segmentation
  3. Gamer online persona
    • Online behaviours (e.g. gaming device usage, ownership of non-gaming devices, social media platform preferences [e.g. usage and reasons for doing so], online activity etc)
    • What marketers need to know to engage each type of gamer
    • Gaming device and title preferences
    • Gaming genre preferences
    • Gaming behaviour, content consumption and spending activity
  4. Gamer purchase journeys
    • Purchasing preferences (e.g. brand discovery, where they research products, drivers to purchase, what the motivations are for brand advocacy etc
    • What gamers want from brands in terms of how they interact with them

To download the global gaming personas audience report 2020, please click here.

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