The purpose of Nielsen’s esports playbook for brands 2019 is not to explain to brands why they should invest in esports but to support them with some of the information they need to make an informed decision about whether esports is right for them. This report can be used as a foundational piece of esports knowledge for those new to the space.

Although Nielsen refer to it as an explanation of the ecosystem, we believe it only details elements of it. It deals with what we term ‘the field of play’ when it comes to esports. There is a much deeper dynamic to the ecosystem that we talk our clients through in the many esports workshops we offer.

The contents of the esports playbook for brands 2019 includes:

  1. Esports ecosystem
  2. Game publishers
  3. Leagues
  4. Event operators
  5. Teams
  6. Gaming personalities
  7. Streaming platforms/broadcasters
  8. Conclusion

Click here to download the esports playbook for brands 2019.

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