Copa90’s The modern football fan 2.0 report is their second industry report. In their own words:

In 2018, we paid a lot of attention to the exciting technological and entertainment related trends that were transforming the fan mindset [and broader game] as we know it.

With fans now enjoying an unparalleled level of access, these riches have also brought unwelcome excesses such as fringe opinions being emboldened by the social media swell, and traditional football media views that jar with the diverse and conscientious Modern Fan community.

These increasingly visible challenges, along with the glacial progress of football’s structural bodies, are bringing these young Modern Fans to a crossroads. They are seriously questioning what ‘brand’ of football is fit for purpose (whether that be relating to national identity, gender, social issues, or wider politics), and what they are willing to do to achieve it.

We have interrogated these hot topics, and also cast our net wide, conducting research in the USA, UK, Brazil and China, to better understand local nuances of the Modern Football Fan.

The modern football fan 2.0 report is split into three main sections, each with sub-sections, namely:

  1. Rear view mirror…a look back
    1. Broadcast context
    2. New voices of authority
    3. Player brands on the rise
    4. Blurred lines (between the virtual gaming world and the real world)
    5. An ever-expanding universe (football content appearing in new spaces and forms)
  2. The future of football is female
    1. Fans want more (they are being starved of regular women’s football content)
    2. Female superstars loading (new young talent is primed to be the new superstars)
    3. Re-shaping culture for the better (female voices will cease to be a novelty and become the norm)
    4. It all starts at grassroots (money is women’s football has yet to trickle down to grassroots)
    5. The future of football is female (the movement has started)
  3. Modern fans and football in 2019
    1. The 12th Man (fans want more immersion whilst watching football)
    2. Breaking bants (instances of aggressive behaviour and discriminatory language is turning some fans off)
    3. Moral majority (fans demand accountability from clubs, leagues etc to drive out the negative elements from the game)
    4. The people’s game (football is uniting areas of society)
    5. More than rainbow laces (fans are questioning how traditional ideas of masculinity are hardwired into the game)
    6. The new ultras (new fraternities are being created and redefined from the traditional diehard fans)
    7. Zuqiu’s coming home (China’s domestic game has seen huge fan growth)
    8. Duality is the new normal (there is more empathy and appreciation of a players heritage)
    9. When two tribes go to war (Intersport connections and cross promotions need to be authentic and add value to the fan experience)
    10. Fashion’s hottest muse (football is inspiring new fashion trends, especially amongst women)
    11. From casuals to catwalks (clubs and designers can create apparel that appeals beyond the fans of the club)
    12. Entreplayers (more players are launching business ventures alongside their careers)

To explore all these areas in more detail, click here to download the modern football fan 2.0 report.

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