SuperData’s annual digital games and interactive media 2018 review addresses all of the highlights of the last year in gaming and interactive media.

The top 5 headlines of the report are:

  1. The games and interactive media industry grew 13% in 2018 as Fortnite disrupted the status quo
  2. Free-to-play titles amassed 80% of digital games revenue in 2018 but premium games still performed well in Western markets
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2 earned $516M3 in Q4, helping to grow premium games revenue 10% year-over-year
  4. Gaming video content (GVC) earned $5.2B as viewership hit 850M unique viewers
  5. Extended reality (XR) revenue rose from $4.4B to $6.6B as new headsets offset declining earnings from existing platforms

The report provides detail on a number of different topics, namely:

  1. Digital games revenue – it jumped to $109.8B in 2018, up 11% year-over-year
  2. Free-to-play gaming market and forecast by region
  3. Top free to play games by revenue. The rise of Fortnite shook up the $87.7B free-to-play games market in 2018
  4. Premium games market and forecast by region
  5. Top premium PC and console games by revenue – the market rose by 10% to $17.8B
  6. The audience for gaming video content (GVC) – it grew 10% to reach 850M unique viewers
  7. Top Twitch channels – Ninja & other Fortnite video creators top the Twitch chart
  8. Extended reality (XR) hardware and consumer software revenue – The share of immersive technology revenue coming from augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) grew from 27% to 35% in 2018
  9. Enterprise XR investment –  spend on immersive technology surpassed $11B as businesses see the potential for ROI
  10. Trends for 2019

Download the full SuperData’s annual digital games and interactive media 2018 here.

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