Esports market research specialist, Newzoo reports that there is a new gaming boom, but is esports entering a new stage of maturity? Newzoo says:

Looking at individual game titles on console, PC, and mobile, it is clear that competitive gaming involving team play, rankings, and live streaming is claiming a growing share of overall game time. On mobile, this is particularly true in China and the rest of Asia but also in the West, where competitive mobile titles are increasingly in the top grossing charts.

This has renewed confidence among the biggest Chinese publishers to bring their games to the West. Tencent’s Arena of Valor is the obvious example. The abundance of new mobile battle royale titles sparked by the success of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on PC could add to the rise of competitive gaming on mobile in the West.

At the same time, esports is entering a new phase toward maturity. The coming two years will be crucial to how fast it grows into a multi-billion-dollar business. The key determining factors are:

  • the success of local leagues and the franchising approach,
  • the implementation of regulations,
  • the arrival of new game formats and competition,
  • the uptake of content rights sales, team profitability, and
  • the impact of industry convergence involving traditional media, entertainment, telecom, and sports companies.

Depending on how these factors play out in the coming year or two, esports’ growth could accelerate and reach $2.4 billion in 2020 in an optimistic scenario, almost $1 billion higher than the base scenario of $1.5 billion.

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