Strive Sponsorship, the sports and entertainment marketing consultancy, and Coutts private bank have partnered to initially host an event aimed at supporting the growth of revenue for esports businesses in the UK. The event will bring together carefully selected technology businesses offering exciting ways to generate increased revenue, key industry individuals and some experienced entrepreneurs and potential investors from Coutts and Strive’s vast network of contacts. The event will be held at Coutts’s Head office in late October and is by private invitation only.

Malph Minns, Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship, said:

We’ve worked alongside, and talked in depth with, a number of esports companies over the last few years, learning and absorbing all that we can about this increasingly important industry and community as it constantly evolves. In that time we have witnessed some great success stories, many of which are really starting to gain momentum and this is an exciting prospect for the UK market.

However, the reality is that even for some of the most successful ventures, profitability is still the biggest challenge. That’s why we are working with Coutts to enable these businesses to get in front of the right revenue enablers and potential investors, who understand exactly what it takes to monetize and grow a commercial strategy, successfully and sustainably.

The amount of commercial expertise that sits within Coutts’s client base and wider network is arguably unparalleled, added to Strive’s own experience, capability and connections, it’s clear to see why the partnership is so important.

Strive Sponsorship caught our attention at a business of sport conference last year after asking some interesting questions, and making some astute observations about the esports space. Since then we have spoken regularly as the industry has continued to gather pace.

We recognise that Coutts itself is very new to the esports industry, and we are still learning, however we have a proven history of working with many of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, from idea through to floatation and support them through every stage of growth for their business.

We are delighted to be working with Strive, with their proven track record, and hope that this event will facilitate some exciting introductions and conversations. This is just the start of our relationship and the combined value we can offer the industry.