The ‘Global esports market report 2017’ delivers snapshots of key trends, gives an overview of the global esports market and global audience. Data shared includes:

  • Global revenue (and sources)
  • Future revenue forecasts
  • Average revenue per enthusiast
  • Audience size
  • Future audience forecast
  • Audience age and gender breakdown
  • Audience employment and household income status
  • Event numbers and ticket revenues by region
  • Global prize money (and its historical growth)

As Peter Warman, CEO of research company Newzoo sumises:

As the convergence of games and traditional media accelerates, esports is leading the way. Already, esports has been broadcast on TV in more than a dozen new countries, major media companies have invested big into esports, and numerous traditional sports teams and agencies have entered the industry. Media rights trade is becoming a serious business and is expected to grow sevenfold from only $50 million in 2016 to close to $340 million in 2020. Further, even more major non-endemic brands will close big sponsorship deals with teams, leagues, and events. Early movers are increasing their investment by several factors year on year. Ultimately, esports provides brands an entry point into the favourite pastime of digital natives and Millennials: gaming.

To download the ‘Global esports market report 2017’, click here.

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