Strive Sponsorship continues to strengthen its growing reputation in esports after being appointed by UK retailer GAME and their subsidiary company Multiplay, who specialise in the organising and running of gaming festivals. Strive will consult on the companies esports and grassroots gaming commercial partnership strategy for the UK Masters esports tournament, Insomnia Gaming Festival and Belong gaming arenas.

Strive will further develop the commercial propositions of each property identifying additional value for prospective partners and building a positioning and narrative that clearly articulates the engagement opportunities for brands to connect to the millennial audience that grassroots gaming and esports attracts.

Furthermore, Strive will mentor GAME and Multiplay’s esports partnership and commercial teams to assist them in identifying and delivering return on investment for stakeholders, including both publishers and sponsors.

Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship, Malph Minns, said:

“We can’t wait to start working with GAME. They are an iconic part of the British high street and their evolution from being a traditional retailer, to a provider of both gaming products and experiences, is an exciting one to be part of.

“You can’t help but be struck by the infectious passion, drive and energy of the people within the business. GAME has been a key innovator in building the UK gaming industry and community at a grassroots level, and we look forward to helping them with the next stage of its evolution.”

GAME’s SVP esports and Competitive Gaming, Craig Fletcher, said:

“Strive Sponsorship, and Malph Minns in particular, is recognised as thought leaders in the UK esports space and are clearly able to help us develop our commercial strategy around this area of our business further.”

“Strive is the first agency we have come across that has a unique blend of truly understanding both the gaming and growing esports scene, whilst having a legacy of success in the commercialisation of traditional sport and entertainment.”