• The sports industry outlook report 2020

    The sports industry outlook report 2020

    Deloitte's sports industry outlook report 2020 predicts the trends that they believe will dominate and disrupt the sports industry over the next 12 months. The report (which has a US skew) identifies [...]

  • How to engage the continously changing fluid fan

    How to engage the continously changing fluid fan

    The Sports Innovation Lab's latest report, how to engage the continuously changing fluid fan, reflects on the fact that sport and entertainment are in a period of market disruption and [...]

  • Strive facilitates BT’s lead partnership of Excel Esports

    Strive facilitates BT’s lead partnership of Excel Esports

    BT has signed a new multi-year contract with Excel Esports to become their exclusive lead partner for the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and UK League Championship (UKLC) teams. [...]

Agency redux (and Andy Murray): How innovative, distributed network models tap the right talent for the right projects

Bamboo Crowd, a leading recruitment consultancy for the innovation industry, explores six “hub and spoke” companies that are disrupting the [...]

Internet of things in sports – a Deloitte perspective

Wikipedia defines the Internet of things (IoT) as "the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded [...]

‘While esports is the answer, what is the question?’: a traditional sport’s guide to entering gaming

It is one of the greatest misnomers in business; to strike when the iron is hot when, truthfully, you do [...]

Global games market report 2019

Now more than ever, gaming is at the heart of the entertainment business. The way consumers engage with and through [...]

The esports ecosystem beyond the field of play webinar – Institute of Chartered Accountants

Strive Sponsorship MD, Malph Minns, has been invited to give an esports introductory webinar to the Institute of Chartered Accountants at [...]

US millennials video gaming media consumption report 2019

Games are no longer child’s play. Millennials, the first generation to grow up with widespread access to video games, are [...]

Designing the esports venue of the future

Esports has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the sport and entertainment industry. In addition to online [...]

The esports playbook for brands 2019

The purpose of Nielsen's esports playbook for brands 2019 is not to explain to brands why they should invest in [...]

The rise of esports investments report 2019

While popular streamers such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have dominated the public discourse on esports and gaming over the past [...]