Global games market report 2018

It took more than 35 years for the global games business to grow to $35 billion in 2007, the year [...]

The modern football fan’s behaviours, values and motivations

Today’s football fans have come of age in a paradoxical environment. On the one hand, they are priced out of the [...]

Profile of global sports fans infographic

As people become interested in more things for less of the time and the media landscape continues to fragment, the [...]

What sponsors want and where the dollars will go in 2018

ESP’s sponsorship decision-makers survey What sponsors want and where the dollars will go in 2018 is an annual sponsorship spend [...]

The anatomy of a sports fan – Leader’s report

Whether we're talking to brands, rights holders or other agencies, it's amazing how many either don't know the specific audience/fan [...]

Digital Sport esports podcast – why, and how, traditional sports are entering esports

Digital Sport's recent London event brought together Strive MD, Malph Minns, Tom Halls (Head of Strategic Development at Gfinity - responsible for [...]

UK Active Lives Adult Survey Nov 16-17 report

The 'UK Active Lives Adult Survey Nov 16-17 report' summarises activity levels in England from November 2016 to 2017. Alongside presenting [...]

Digital Sport London esports special event, 27th March 2018 – Strive MD Malph Minns to speak

Digital Sport is a media organisation that facilitates industry connections, delivered via live events, for the purpose of sharing knowledge. [...]

A perspective on what brands need to understand about the world of esports

DBLTAP's mission is to 'tell the stories beyond the stage and bring fans closer to their heroes'. In this paper [...]