• Global Digital Report

Useful streaming, gaming and esports statistics and charts

As esports matures it attracts increased attention from established agencies and sees the birth of new ones.  The demand for [...]

  • Esports Investment Report

Esports investment overview 2019

Tracxn is an AI + human-driven investment deal discovery platform that tracks innovative companies across 300+ technology sectors and 30+ countries, [...]

  • State of Esports - July 2019 - Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets

Esports investment landscape reports – 2019

Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets produced two reports pertaining to the esports investment landscape in 2019, The Esports Investment Landscape 2019 [...]

  • Esports Survey 2019 - Esports Observer

What next for the esports industry? The esports industry survey 2019

The esports industry survey 2019 by Foley & Lardner LLP and The Esports Observer questioned more than 200 executives — [...]

  • Biddable Youth Report - Sports and Esports Gambling Advertising on Twitter

The impact on young and vulnerable people of sports and esports gambling advertising on Twitter – the Biddable Youth Report

The Biddable Youth report from Ipsos MORI, the University of Bristol, Demos, University of Edinburgh and Ebiquity, examines the impact [...]

  • Esports Trends Report - 2018

The esports trends report 2018

GlobalWebIndex's Esports Trends Report 2018 is a global study of over 350,000 16-64 year-olds who make up a representative sample [...]

  • Excel Esports players in BT sponsored kit

Strive facilitates BT’s lead partnership of Excel Esports

BT has signed a new multi-year contract with Excel Esports to become their exclusive lead partner for the League of [...]

  • Man playing esports on a PC

‘While esports is the answer, what is the question?’: a traditional sport’s guide to entering gaming

It is one of the greatest misnomers in business; to strike when the iron is hot when, truthfully, you do [...]

The esports ecosystem beyond the field of play webinar – Institute of Chartered Accountants

Strive Sponsorship MD, Malph Minns, has been invited to give an esports introductory webinar to the Institute of Chartered Accountants at [...]

  • Designing the Esports Venue of the Future

Designing the esports venue of the future

Esports has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the sport and entertainment industry. In addition to online [...]