Oddsindex appoint Strive to provide daily US sports content

OddsIndex, the players’ platform for US sports betting odds and content, has appointed Strive Sponsorship to provide daily event-driven written US sports content, copy editing, and content management services for its newly launched website.

Strive’s team of leading US sports content experts will provide insight, betting tips, previews, and opinion pieces, on an initial 10 sports. MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, college football and college basketball, and the English Premier League are just some of the sports Strive’s team will provide daily written articles on. This is in addition to evergreen betting guide content that the team will also produce.

This new agreement is the first of its nature in the US for Strive and follows the announcement earlier this year that leading international betting exchange, Smarkets, and sportsbook app brand SBK will use Strive for similar digital content services in the UK.

Commenting on the appointment, OddsIndex spokesperson Andrei Craciunoiu said:

We are thrilled to be bringing together many great experts to share the most important details of sports betting in an easily digestible way.

Sportsbooks are packed with numbers that can make little sense to rookies. We’re excited to work with Strive to deliver content on the world of sports betting in a way that everyone will find useful.

Strive has built a knowledgeable team and comes highly recommended for great quality content, reliability, flexibility, and a can-do attitude.

Malph Minns, Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship, said:

We love working with new companies like OddsIndex, as there is always great energy, optimism, and openness to new ideas. It’s also a pleasure to work with smart people.

Additionally, I’m thrilled to see Strive extend operations into the US. The content arm of our business has grown exponentially in the last 10 months, and all from word-of-mouth recommendations, meaning it now contains over 20 people across eight different countries.

We look forward to doing more work for betting companies and sports rights holders looking for quality written and audio content.

Learn more about Strive’s US sports content services

If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable written and/or audio content, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for sports, gaming, esports, and entertainment content. We also have extensive experience providing sponsorship, commercial, media, operations, investment, and communications consultancy services.

You may also find interesting the news report detailing Strive’s provision of sports content services to the betting brands Smarkets and SBK. Click here for more information.

Frequently asked questions

What are the 5 major sports in the USA?

The most popular sports in the USA are American Football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer.

What is America’s Favourite sport?

The NFL, American Football, attracts the biggest live and TV audiences.

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The Super Bowl, the last game in American football’s NFL season, draws the biggest audience of any single game each year. TV advertising spots during half-time are the most sought-after and expensive annually.