We support rights holders in making better partnership decisions, positively affecting desired behaviour changes and maximising return on investment.


We support rights holders in attracting, retaining
and upselling sponsors by helping create valuable
propositions and processes that deliver attractive
returns on investment.

Consultancy Services:

  • Brand strategy – Creating the purpose and positioning for your property whilst providing the reason and means for both fans/consumers and brands to connect with you
  • Commercial strategy – Creating a structure and strategy to maximise the value of the property through sponsorship and additional revenue streams
  • Commercial audit – Evaluating your current asset list and value drivers and identifying additional opportunities
  • Rights valuation – Establishing an independent value for your tangible assets and the intangible value of association
  • Sales story – Creating a sales narrative that clearly, and persuaively, articulates the partnership opportunity
  • Partnership strategy – Defining an approach, with supporting processes, to effectively managing partners increasing the potential for retention and/or upsell
  • Research and insight – Acquiring an understanding of fans and their behaviour in order to develop insight to inform decision making
  • Measurement and evaluation – Building a robust measurement and evaluation framework to influence and report return on investment (ROI) for partners
  • Contract negotiation support and advice – Ensuring you sell only the necessary rights and protections for the best price
  • Sports law – Creating, acquiring, exploiting and protecting sports media and marketing rights
  • Specialist knowledge –  Providing specialist insights into areas like sport/ entertainment broadcasting and the pay TV industry

Communications and Content

We help rights holders create newsworthy ideas,
for both owned and earned media, that people will
talk about and share, optimising message delivery
to meet your objectives.

Communications and Content Services:

  • Campaign management – Managing PR campaigns big and small over the short and long term
  • Tactical PR – Creative ideas to get fans writing, sharing and talking about you
  • Moment messaging – Real-time marketing to engage your fans during live events
  • Press office management – Strong international media networks and relationships, across genres, established through years of experience to manage key messages
  • Crisis communications – Prepared strategies and plans, should the need arise, to keep you on the front foot and limit any potential reputation challenges
  • Content creation – Broadcast and/or social media suitable video and/or photography production
  • Social media strategy and content management – Defining the role of each channel as part of the communications strategy and managing appropriate content delivery to maximise reach and engagement
  • YouTube optimisation – Ensuring best practice is applied in channel set-up and structure and ensuring content is displayed in the optimal way

Events and Hospitality

As our lives become evermore linked to screens;
live experiences, human contact and shared
experiences take on higher importance.
We help rights holders deliver engaging

Events and Hospitality Services:

  • Event management – From idea to delivery, we can deliver big and small events internationally and to the highest of standards
  • Hospitality and guest management – Precision planning and management is essential in ensuring your VIP guests have an experience to remember for all the right reasons