TikTok has released a gaming trend report focusing on how gaming represents the future of entertainment. The TikTok gaming report is based on three main themes, namely:

  1. Actionable Entertainment – On TikTok, content is curated based on what communities find entertaining. For brands, the most effective messages on TikTok are uplifting, funny and personalized, or entertaining their audiences.
  2. Making Space for Joy – People are burning out and so they’re seeking meaningful self-care amidst an endless cycle of public health issues, work, and personal hardships. TikTok fosters endless opportunities to spread joy. Brans should should align with the community’s desire for levity, and empower them to make more room for joy in their lives.
  3. Community-Built Ideals – TikTok communities are specific – and that’s what helps them thrive at scale. Sharing hyper-niche interests helps people bond with each other.

Gaming culture on TikTok is captivating audiences by directly addressing key user expectations for each of these elements. Each of these Trend Forces has significant implications for how gaming publishers and non-gaming brands interested in engaging the community should show up on the platform to entertain gamers and inspire action.

TikTok gaming report overview

The report dives into TikTok’s broader Trend Forces in more detail, outlining:

  • Trend examples that showcase emerging user behaviours and values in the gaming community
  • Global research on key expectations and attitudes among TikTok users
  • Product solutions and creative thought starters to help marketers plan their next gaming-related TikTok video

Key takeaways

  1. Home of the #GameEdit – Gamers on TikTok are leveraging their own creative skills to share engaging fan edits that drum up hype and awareness for the characters and titles that they love. Lean into the power of fan edits by creating your own and also sharing assets and cinematics for the community to have fun playing with.
  2. Bringing the Game to Life – Built-in technology on TikTok like voice filters and AR effects gives users a chance to get more immersed in games without the need for special equipment. Think through how you can inspire the gaming community to take action and generate hype with a fun effect or challenge.
  3. Playful Ideation – Gaming creators and brands alike are finding success with playful, humorous content that shows they don’t take themselves too seriously. Use TikTok as a sounding board for new ideas and work to make them a reality, even if they don’t make it.
  4. From Winning to Welcoming – By showing that there’s no right or wrong way to be a “gamer,” TikTok inspires joy and a sense of belonging among diverse audiences. Don’t just talk about diversity in gaming – partner with a wide variety of creators on TikTok to bring your product/brand to new audiences.
  5. Endless Replay Value – Once a game has been completed, gamers turn to TikTok for limitless inspiration to keep the fun going on their own terms in the form of community challenges and mods that highlight new ways to play. Get immersed in the community that forms around a title on TikTok and introduce new challenges that give gamers a new way to play.
  6. Gaming as a Lifestyle – Gaming as a lifestyle has unlocked new opportunities for crossovers with diverse interests such as fashion, home decor, food, etc. Interest in gaming doesn’t exist in a silo – explore crossovers with other popular communities and subcultures to show new sides to your brand.

Download the TikTok gaming trend report, here.

Want to tap into TikTok gaming trends?

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Frequently asked questions

What is TikTok gaming?

TikTok gaming refers to the gaming content and community on the platform. Users on TikTok create and share short videos related to gaming, such as gameplay clips, gaming challenges, tips, and tricks. It allows gamers to engage with a broader audience and build a community around their gaming interests.

Can TikTok be used for gaming?

TikTok can be used for gaming-related content. While TikTok is primarily known for short-form video content, many gamers and gaming enthusiasts use the platform to share gaming clips, highlights, challenges, tips, tricks, and other gaming-related content. Gamers can leverage TikTok’s features to engage with their audience, build a gaming community, and showcase their gaming skills. The platform’s wide reach and easy-to-use video editing tools make it an attractive option for gaming content creators to share their passion and connect with like-minded individuals.

How popular is gaming on TikTok?

According to TikTok, 82% of users play games at least once a week. They are buying games and engaging with content endorsed by trusted creators. There’s an increased demand for brands to be more human—to fit into the actual lives of real people and to meet them where they are.