OddsIndex is a US-market-focused betting affiliate and the go-to site for sports betting content and tools, explaining the exciting world of sports betting in a way that everyone will find useful. Strive was retained for its betting content agency services. Namely, this was to develop the content strategy, produce up to 90 written live sport-driven articles (e.g. betting previews, tip sheets, and sports opinion pieces) a month covering over 10 different US and global sports, produce evergreen website content (e.g. betting guides), edit, and manage the content via the content management system (CMS).

Betting content agency / Strive’s scope of work

  1. Develop monthly content plans
  2. Write daily event-driven and longer lead, long-form, SEO focused, sports betting articles
  3. Sub-edit the articles
  4. Manage and publish the content via the client’s CMS
  5. Brief, feedback to, and manage the journalist team
  6. Amplify the content across social media


6 months into the relationship the client’s investors decided to freeze operations until the economic climate changed for the better. Therefore our work was also put on hold.

Client comment

Strive has great expertise in share the most important details of sports betting in an easily digestible way and in a manner that everyone will find useful. Strive has a knowledgeable team who deliver great quality content, are reliable, flexible, supportive and who have a can-do attitude.

Need help from a content creation agency?

If you’re looking for sports, esports or gaming content production services, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for all your content needs and/or if you require support in sports sponsorship, marketing, commercial, media,  investment, and communications consultancy services.

Frequently asked questions

What is betting content?

Sports betting content can be broadly split into two categories There is evergreen betting guide content (e.g. what odds mean, explanation of different types of bets, betting strategy approaches etc) and event-driven content (articles that offer tips on certain games, previews of games that discuss possible/likely outcomes and the bets available, traditional sports opinion pieces).  This content can be written, audio (e.g. podcasts), and/or video (e.g. YouTube content).

Do betting sites take a commission?

Exchanges (like Smarkets and Betfair) take a percentage of all bets made. Sportsbooks’ main technique is to set the odds in their favour by including vigorish (or vig).  Also known as juice, margin, or the overground it is built into the odds to help bookmakers make a profit. In essence, it’s a commission charged for laying bets.

How do content agencies work?

Content agencies work by providing specialised services related to content strategy, creation, and distribution. They understand client needs, develop content strategies, create content calendars, undertake content creation, optimise and distribute content, iterate and improve, upload and manage, and report and evaluate performance. Strive is an example of a leading sports content creation agency that has extensive experience in the betting content space.