Smarkets is a betting exchange that enables customers to trade (bet against one another) on sporting, political and other events. SBK, owned by Smarkets, is a sportsbook that combines traditional odds betting with a social-focused interface. Strive was engaged as their sports content agency in late 2018 to produce all of Smarkets’ Facebook and Twitter content. Strive delivered the same services for SBK from its launch in 2019 until late 2022.

Sports content agency / Strive’s scope of work

  1. Produce daily organic content across Facebook and Twitter for both the Smarkets and SBK brands covering a wide array of sports, politics, and general entertainment content
  2. Engage in online conversations adding the value of Smarkets and SBK’s market insights to the discussion
  3. Identify new opportunities to build organic reach and engagement of the social channels
  4. Generate new content ideas
  5. Analyse and report on all activity


  1. Grew the Smarkets Twitter audience 60x in 4 years through organic content alone and without any creative resources.
  2. Grew the SBK Twitter audience 70x in 3 years through organic content alone and on tight budgets

Client comment

Our social media output has never been better. Last year we were looking for an agency that could deliver on our desire for quality, informed, sports-betting content and we have been justified in our decision to appoint Strive.

When we were considering the social needs of a new brand we were launching (SBK), Strive was the obvious choice.  Their in-depth knowledge of international sports, dedication, flexibility and appetite to constantly innovate is exactly what we look for in such a partner.

Need help from a sports content agency?

If you’re looking for sports, esports or gaming content production services, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for all your content needs and/or if you require support in sports sponsorship, marketing, commercial, media,  investment, and communications consultancy services.

Frequently asked questions

What is a sports marketing agency?

A sports marketing agency can provide a variety of services. Strive Sponsorship advises on sports marketing, sports content production, sponsorship strategy (what and who to sponsor), helps negotiate sponsorship deals, and helps brands leverage sponsorships to maximise return on investment (this may involve PR, events, digital content and activations etc).

What does a content agency do?

A sports content agency specialises in creating and distributing sports-related content across various media platforms. Strive is an example of a leading sports content agency. Their services include:

  • Content Creation: creating articles, news stories, feature pieces, videos, social media posts, infographics, podcasts etc
  • Storytelling: craft narratives that resonate with the target audience, creating emotional connections and driving engagement
  • Content Strategy: identify target audiences, determine content themes and formats, and establish the channels and platforms for content distribution
  • Digital and Social Media Management: create and curate content for websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and other digital channels. Monitor and analyse audience engagement, adjust strategies and optimise content performance
  • Event Coverage: provide real-time updates, analysis, and commentary

How do I hire a content agency?

Determine the specific goals and objectives you want to achieve. Clarify the type of content you require, your target audience, and the channels you want to focus on. Research and shortlist agencies and review their services and expertise. Assess their experience and reputation, requesting proposals can help you do this. Meeting with them is key too, as you need to feel like you will be able to work well with them. Ensure to consider your budget ahead of time.