Coutts, the King’s bank of choice, is a private bank that offers wealth management, commercial banking and strategic investment services. They were keen to engage a UK esports agency to help them grow brand awareness, and consideration, amongst the UK esports business community, whilst increasing their esports knowledge to provide investment advice to current clients.

Strive Sponsorship was engaged as the UK esports agency of choice given our extensive esports knowledge and experience, and experience of bringing non-endemic brands into the esports space successfully.

UK esports agency / Strive’s scope of work

  1. Upskill the Coutts team’s esports industry knowledge
  2. Identify the current, and potential, target clients for the bank
  3. Establish a clear, credible, value-adding and ownable position in the UK esports landscape


  1. We ran a workshop with key internal stakeholders to better inform their knowledge of the esports market
  2. In line with the broader Coutss brand, we established a strategic position for Coutts of ‘supporting the growth and sustainability of the UK esports scene
  3. This positioning was realised by delivering an annual series of events that brought together key esports, and the wider industry, stakeholders who were the catalysts for the UK esports industry growth

Client comment

We recognised that Coutts itself was very new to the esports industry, and we were still learning. We were delighted to work with Strive, with their proven track record, who help us establish ourselves credibly in the industry and facilitated some exciting introductions and conversations.

Need help from an esports agency?

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Frequently asked questions

Is esports big in the UK?

The UK is home to some of the best esports teams in the world, including Fnatic, XL, and GUILD. Some of the best players in the world also come from the UK. One of the best-known is Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman. Additionally, there are millions of fans of various esports from the UK. In short, esports is big in the UK.

Who organises esports in the UK?

Esports competitions are organised by a combination of game publishers and independent third-party event organisers. Game publishers that organise UK tournaments include Riot Games, Activision and EA. Independent esports tournament organisers include Blast, ESL, Esports Scotland, and NSE.

How big is the UK esports market?

Statista reports that UK esports revenue will continuously increase between 2023 and 2027 by a total of 21.3 million U.S. dollars (+42.49%). Revenue is estimated to reach $71.47 million U.S. dollars in 2027.