Wiggle is a global online retailer and brand owner in the tri-sports marketplace. As the long-term title sponsor of the Wiggle-High5 women’s professional road cycling team, it needed a sports marketing company to reassess the relationship by better understanding the relevant audience(s) that could be engaged, define clear sponsorship objectives, build an authentic partnership positioning and bring this to life through relevant marketing campaign activations, all with a view to maximising return on investment (ROI) and value from the partnership.

Strive Sponsorship was engaged as the sports marketing company of choice given our extensive knowledge of the cycling sponsorship space and our innovative approach to sponsorship measurement to both inform and evaluate sponsorship value.

Sports marketing company / Strive’s scope of work

  1. Help Wiggle define its sponsorship objectives and measures of success, so as to support wider business and marketing objectives
  2. Build a better understanding of the team’s audiences and identify which should be targeted
  3. Create a positioning that clearly aligned aligns the Wiggle brand with that of the team, whilst resonating with the team’s fanbase
  4. Build a marketing campaign activation plan to target the relevant audiences in the right way and utilise the available sponsorship assets
  5. Build and execute an ROI methodology to help inform Wiggle’s activation plans and evaluate the success of the partnership


A clearer understanding of what success looked like, Wiggle’s role in this, and what was needed to achieve it, saw sponsorship activations gain more traction and deliver better ROI.

It also became evident from our analysis that the partnership was no longer fit for purpose. The sponsorship agreement was subsequently not renewed.

Client comment

The Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling Team sponsorship was our most prominent global brand marketing platform, playing a key part in delivering brand awareness, and customer engagement. It was important to us to maximise our key sports sponsorship and understand how and why the fans and customers engaged with the Wiggle brand, Wiggle High5 Team and the sport; to actively connect with them and achieve a strong return on investment.

Strive are experts who not only share our vision and ethos but who truly understand cycling and helped us continue to communicate knowledgeably and authentically to a passionate audience. Strive has a strong track record in the cycling world and demonstrates an astute application of cycling and sponsorship expertise to deliver success, which made them the perfect partner to work with.

Need help from a sports marketing company?

If you’re looking for advice from a sports, esports or gaming company, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for sponsorship, marketing, commercial, content, media,  investment, and communications consultancy services.

Frequently asked questions

What is a sports marketing company?

A sports marketing company can provide a variety of services. Strive Sponsorship advises on sports marketing and sponsorship strategy (what and who to sponsor), helps negotiate sponsorship deals, and helps brands leverage sponsorships to maximise return on investment (this may involve PR, events, social media content and activations etc).

Why do brands use sports marketing?

There are a number of different reasons brands use sports marketing. The most popular include raising brand awareness, positively impacting brand perception, entertaining clients and staff, lead generation, and product sales.

What is unique about sports marketing?

Sports offer a platform for brands to create emotional connections with customers and potential customers, in ways few other passion points do. Rather than interrupt what people are interested in when using traditional advertising, brands have the opportunity to be part of the fabric of what fans are interested in and have an opportunity to add to this enjoyment through their marketing activity.