Why you should use a sports agency if you’re a company new to the sports industry

Whether you’re a brand looking to sponsor a sports team or tournament, or a company looking to launch your own sports industry proposition, sports presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  This is where a sports agency comes in.

Specialised firms, like Strive Sponsorship, help companies navigate the complex world of sports and identify opportunities to get involved in the industry. But what exactly does a sports agency do, and how does it add value to the companies it represents?

First and foremost, a sports agency acts as a resource for companies looking to enter the sports industry. The agency works with its clients to understand their goals and objectives, and then uses its expertise and relationships to identify potential opportunities for involvement. This can include everything from sponsoring an existing sports team or event to launching a new sports-focused product and/or service.

Strive Sponsorship has helped a variety of companies navigate the sports industry. Online international retailer Chain Reaction Cycles engaged Strive’s services to develop the brand and commercial strategy of its mountain biking team, Wiggle leant of Strive to better understand the return of investment from their women’s cycling sponsorship, and OddsIndex (a betting affiliate) uses Strives sports content services to engage US sports fans.

Once potential opportunities have been identified, the agency helps companies navigate the process of getting involved. This can include everything from negotiating the terms of a sponsorship deal to developing a marketing and branding strategy for a new sports product.

One of the key value-adds of a sports agency is its ability to leverage its industry knowledge and relationships to help companies make informed decisions about their involvement in sports. Agencies are experts in the sports industry and have a deep understanding of the trends, opportunities, and challenges that companies face when entering the space. This expertise can help companies avoid common pitfalls and ensure that they are well-positioned to succeed in sports.

Another key role of sports agencies is to provide ongoing support to companies once they are involved in sports. This can include everything from helping to activate sponsorship partnerships to providing regular updates on the performance of teams, leagues, or events.

In summary, sports agencies offer a range of valuable services to companies looking to enter the esports industry. By acting as intermediaries and leveraging their expertise and relationships, these firms help companies identify and seize opportunities in sports and navigate the complex landscape of the industry. Whether you’re a company looking to get involved in sports, working with a sports agency can help ensure that you are well-positioned to succeed in this exciting space.

Looking for sports agency help?

If you’re looking for advice from an esports, gaming, or sports agency, Strive Sponsorship can help. Contact us for sponsorship, commercial, content, media, operations, investment, and communications consultancy services.

Frequently asked questions

What is a sports agency?

A sports agency provides an array of marketing, commercial, and strategic services to brands and acts as a resource for companies looking to enter the sports industry and leverage value from the space.

What are the top 3 sports marketing agencies?

There is no single definitive industry-wide ranking of sports agencies. Strive Sponsorship had a 100% client retention rate and grew revenue by over 65% in 2022. Other well-regarded agencies include American firms Wasserman and Momentum.

Who are the biggest sports agencies?

CAA and WME IMG are two of the biggest agencies globally. Strive Sponsorship works internationally and had 29 associated delivering work for clients in 2022. Clients have included BT, Coutts, World Rugby, the ECB, SailGP and The O2.