Gaming in 2022 – how do consumers engage?

Gaming in 2022 is already one of the world’s most popular pastimes, and consumers are engaging with games and gaming platforms in more ways than ever before.

Now more multi-dimensional and diverse than ever, gamers are no longer just playing games or watching gameplay videos online. Being part of gaming communities, following influencers and streamers, socialising in virtual game worlds, watching TV shows based on gaming IP, and buying gaming-related clothing and merchandise are also vital components of the fun.

With emerging technologies and the growing metaverse trend, gaming in 2022 is edging further into virtual spaces that empower entertainment and social interaction. It is blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary forms of media.

An in-depth understanding of the complex gaming landscape is crucial to identifying the most valuable opportunities gaming audiences have to offer. This understanding is not only important for game publishers and developers but also for any company wanting to reach and authentically engage with the broadest and most diverse subset of the world’s population.

Newzoo’s How do consumers engage with gaming in 2022? report helps lift the lid on gaming audiences and gaming behaviour.

Gaming in 2022 – key insights and report themes

  1. Gaming is one of the biggest entertainment platforms – with each passing generation, gaming grows in importance and is part of the fabric of everyday life. In fact, games are now the main source of entertainment among Generation Alpha – that’s more than social networking, streaming movies/series, and watching broadcast TV.Gaming’s role in people’s leisure time in 2022 isn’t the only thing that’s growing; game-related spending is also on the up. About half of Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha spend money on games. To that end, consumer spending via games will generate more than $200 billion in 2023 alone.The report also details:
    – Percentage of leisure time spent per week per entertainment platform, by age
    – Percentage of gaming enthusiasts by age
    – Contribution to global gaming revenue by age group
  2. Gaming in 2022 goes beyond playing – What it means to “game” continues to expand far beyond traditional playing. Those who engage with games solely to play are now in the minority. Around 28% of the online population engages with games across playing, viewing, online communities, podcasts, in-person events, and more.The growth of gaming’s social aspects is one of the catalysts that opened the door for the metaverse trend. Three-quarters of players sometimes spend time together in game worlds without actually playing the main game, compared to 44% of non-players.The report also details:
    – Gaming engagement types and overlap
    – Interest in virtual worlds
    – Awareness and adoption of play-to-earn
  3. Gamers are an attractive target for brands with the right message – While games have become mainstream, the audience engaging with them has become increasingly diverse. As such, a one-size-fits-all approach to connecting with gamers is not effective.The competition for gamers’ attention is becoming increasingly fierce as more companies enter the arena. Yet, players’ more positive attitudes toward brands (vs. non-players) make them an attractive target.The report also details:
    – Attitude to selected brands in various categories
    – Motivations for game participation, by age

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Frequently asked questions

What is the #1 game in 2022?

Overwatch (1 & 2), Fortnite, and FIFA 23 are the most popular PC and console games to play in the UK, although Call of Duty comes in both 5th and 7th for its Modern Warfare/Warzone and Modern Warfare 2022 versions.

Which game is in trend in 2022?

Elden Ring, launched in February 2022, has been played extensively and received rave reviews. It’s one of the most talked-about games of the year.