Esports Scotland appoint Strive Sponsorship to maximise commercial opportunities ahead of Commonwealth Games and beyond

Esports Scotland, an event and league operator, promoter of grassroots esports participation, and the body responsible for Scottish national esports teams, has appointed Strive Sponsorship to develop its commercial approach across its range of properties ahead of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and beyond.

Strive Sponsorship, the sport and entertainment consultancy, is updating Esports Scotland’s commercial partnership proposition and strategy, upskilling staff’s sponsorship skills and helping the organisation better understand the value of all its leagues, tournaments, venue, and teams.

This summer’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham includes esports as a pilot event offering brands a unique marketing opportunity. Nations will compete across the games DOTA 2, eFootball™ series and Rocket League in both a Women’s Category and an Open Category in the Commonwealth Esports Championships. Esports Scotland is responsible for selecting, coaching and managing the Scotland team.

Early commercial success has already been seen in the new Road to Gold programme, a series of online and offline esports qualifier events being held to find Scotland’s Commonwealth Esports Championships Gold Medal hopefuls. Existing partner IRN-BRU has doubled its investment with Esports Scotland to support the initiative.

Malph Minns, Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship, said:

Esports Scotland has an incredibly capable, passionate and hungry team who have done great work in both promoting and supporting esports in Scotland, and on a small budget.

As they look to grow existing properties, like the Scottish Esports League (SEL5), and launch new ones, like the Road to Gold, there are opportunities for brands to realise real value by engaging with the growing Scottish gaming community.”

Strive is excited to be able to help influence the shape of these opportunities so mutual value is enjoyed, whilst also support the continued growth of esports in Scotland.

James Hood, CEO at Esports Scotland, said:

The commercial framework and strategy that Strive has provided will be a key factor in delivering value for our existing Lenovo and IRN-BRU partnerships, whilst also helping us better explain the opportunity to potential new sponsors.

We have big plans, and a growing team, and upskilling our people with new skills, knowledge, and a refreshed approach will help us to deliver our objectives and strengthen the Scottish esports community further.

Can Strive help you maximise commercial opportunities like it is with Esports Scotland?

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Frequently asked question

What does Esports Scotland do?

Esports Scotland is an event and league operator, promoter of grassroots esports participation, and the body responsible for Scottish national esports teams.