While the metaverse can feel like an impossibly “far away” concept in the eyes of many beholders, the truth is that we are already living among proto metaverses, and the future will be here before we’re truly ready for it. Introduction to the metaverse report 2021 covers the more immediate opportunities and impacts to the gaming ecosystem, highlighting where the immediate value lies among the promising aspects of the collective concepts currently referred to as the metaverse.

The Metaverse is an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations that support continuity of identity, objects, history, payments, and entitlements, and can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users, each with an individual sense of presence.
Source: Framework for the Metaverse, Matthew Ball

Newzoo’s report looks at how the metaverse concept has evolved, dives into the reasons why it’s important for gaming stakeholders to understand, and gives a view on how it might evolve in the coming decade. It also highlights NFTs and explains why decentralized infrastructure is a central part of the metaverse discussion. Key players with different roles in bringing the metaverse to life are also interviewed as part of a sponsored content section.

Finally, the introduction to the metaverse report 2021 consider barriers to the metaverse and reviews some of the open questions that exist today. In summary, the metaverse report 2021 covers the following topics and questions:

  1. Introduction
    • Metaverse ecosystem diagram
    • Definition of the metaverse
    • Key attributes of the metaverse
    • What are the key metaverse elements for gaming?
  2. History and themes
    • History of virtual worlds
    • Which industries have jumped into the metaverse first?
    • Why is the metaverse relevant for gaming today?
    • What trends underpin metaverse growth?
    • What will the norms need to be for the next generation of metaverse games?
    • Key themes of the metaverse
    • Why games work as a platform for other experiences
    • Digital identity – more than an avatar
  3. In-game event possibilities
    • In-game music concerts by live hours watched
    • Gaming’s creative content possibilities
  4. China’s metaverse
    • History of China’s metaverse
    • How China’s metaverse will evolve differently
  5. Consumer insights
    • What does the metaverse currently mean to consumers?
    • Current engagement with metaverse like activities
    • Current and potential interest in metaverse like activities
    • Who is interested and how is gaming affected?
    • What do consumers want to do in the metaverse?
    • What features do consumers want in the metaverse?
    • Are consumers looking forward to the metaverse?
  6. NFTs, play to collect and play to earn
    • What is an NFT
    • Why are NFT’s important to the metaverse?
    • What is the impact on games today of NFT’s?
    • What is play to collect?
    • Can NFT’s be implemented alongside a regular game economy?
    • What is play to earn?
    • What is the difference between gold farming and play to earn?
    • Common NFT questions answered
    • How do NFT’s impact the environment and what is being done to address this?
  7. Sponsor content
  8. Barriers to the metaverse and looking forward

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