Gaming is one of the most flexible and versatile mediums available today through which brands can connect with their target consumers. It offers brands unique opportunities to develop relationships with a growing and diverse audience, as well as to drive brand preference and loyalty. The guide to advertising in video games will help brands and advertisers understand the gaming landscape, uncover the diversity of the gaming audience, and learn how they can enter the space in the right way – by enhancing the player experience and creating a positive association.

What to expect from IAB’s the guide to advertising in video games:

  1. In the game: looks specifically at how brands can directly influence gameplay visuals/audio with their messaging or alter the gaming experience through skins and sponsored content
    • What is in-game advertising?
      • Who are the audience?
      • What are the key metrics to measure effectiveness?
      • What makes an effective in-game ad?
      • What does the future hold?
    • What does in-game advertising look like in practice?
      • Direct
      • Sponsorship
      • Programmatic
  2. Around the game: the opportunities available to brands during the gaming experience but not within the gameplay itself e.g. in-app rewarded video and overlaid audio ads
    • Why take notice of ‘around the game’ formats?
    • What does ‘around the game’ advertising look like?
    • In-app advertising for mobile games: Four formats you need to know
      • Playable ads
      • Rewarded video ads
      • Interstitial ads
      • Banner ads
  3. Away from the game: opportunities within gaming that exist away from the gameplay experience itself
    • Gaming content & influencers
    • Environments & marketing opportunities
      • Gaming or related news sites, apps and video platforms
      • Streaming channels
    • Events
    • Esports marketing opportunities

Click here to access the guide to advertising in video games.

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