The video game streaming trends report 2020 summarises the central trends from online streaming across the computer games landscape. Information, insights and trends included in the report include:

  • Weekly streaming hours watched, by platform (i.e. Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming)
  • Hours watched per quarter and by platform
  • Analysis of YouTube Gaming’s explosive growth
  • The emergence of Facebook Gaming
  • Top 10 games of the year (by hours watched)
  • Top 10 streamers watched (by hours watched)
  • Top 5 female streamers (by hours watched)
  • Streamer audience demographics and Twitch channel owner gender profile
  • Video game advertising
  • Mobile game streaming hours watched
  • Top 5 esports tournaments (by hours watched)
  • US Election Day streaming summary
  • Streaming platforms moving beyond just gaming content
  • The rise of politics streaming

Headline trends in the report include:

  1. Video game live streaming hours watched grew 69% in 2020
  2. League of Legends surpassed Fortnite as the most popular video game in live streaming, generating nearly 2 billion hours watched
  3. 30% of video game viewers are female, yet only 2% of the top 250 Twitch influencers are female
  4. Politicians are leveraging gaming ecosystems to reach young audiences who have disconnected from traditional media sources. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reached a peak of 438K viewers streaming Among Us

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