The live video game streaming trends report Q1 2021 summarises the central trends from online streaming across the computer games landscape. Information, insights and trends included in the report include:

  1. Daily streaming hours watched increase 80% year-on-year (YOY) to 97m hours per day, peaking at 120m on January 24th
  2. Hours watched by platform
  3. Top 10 games (by hours watched)
  4. Top 10 streamers (by hours watched)
  5. Top 5 female streamers (by hours watched)
  6. Top 10 VTuber  (by hours watched) – a VTuber or “Virtual YouTuber” is a streamer who broadcasts as an animated avatar. Most VTubers broadcast in Japanese or Korean.
  7. Top 5 esports tournaments (by hours watched)
  8. Sponsored live stream (by hours watched)
  9. Top non-endemic sponsored streams  (by hours watched)

Click here to read the live video game streaming trends report Q1 2021.

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