Epic Games, and their popular video game Fortnite, are well known for bringing fans passion points together in a fusion of entertainment having hosted an in-game concert with DJ Marshmello in 2019 that attracted 10.7m gamers.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, when real-life live events were postponed and cancelled across the world, they joined forces with musician Travis Scott to create a musical journey inspired by the artist’s influences within Fortnite: Astronomical and produced a multi-date tour (with times suitable for players from all over the world) in which he performed a world preview song. Nielsen’s Travis Scott and Fortnite: Astronomical – music and gaming event report summarises the key stats.

The event attracted millions of people, who all tuned in via the game, in addition to various other video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, which also allowed viewers to watch the performances. The Travis Scott and Fortnite: Astronomical – music and gaming event report analyses the social trends related to the event and shows how Epic Games managed to create a worldwide success. Much like sports games or awards shows, Fortnite became appointment viewing since watchers wanted to experience Astronomical alongside others. Even in a time of social distancing, interactive entertainment has made it possible to create large-scale events that are best enjoyed live.

Key stats from the Travis Scott and Fortnite: Astronomical – music and gaming event report include:

  • 45.8m gamer interactions live across the five events
  • 27.7m unique gamers attended in-game across the five in-events
  • 12.3m concurrent players participated in the first live event, a new record
  • 17.9m social media interactions were generated across 8 days, peaking at 7.95m interactions on April 24th
  • 66% of all content posted were videos
  • An average interaction of 12.3k people from Instagram Fortnite: Astronomical content
  • Travis Scott wore a different pair of Nike Jordans for each event. A media value of $518k was generated from just the top five performing YouTube videos
  • 343.6k social posts mentioning Nike were published during the event
  • An average minute audience (AMA) total of 4.71m people was reached via Epic Games official Twitch channel
  • The initial event peaked at a live AMA of 2.3m and over 74k channels streaming to their followers
  • A total of 785.3k hours were watched

Click here to download the Travis Scott and Fortnite: Astronomical – music and gaming event report.

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