The Story Mob’sseven commandments of esports communications‘ whitepaper gives a fan-focused view of esports communications that teams and sponsor brands can learn from.  Nascent and fast growing industries are difficult to navigate for those not familiar with them, or the art of communication. This report provides practical advice for those looking to take their first step or to increase traction in the esports space.

The report starts by identifying common failures of brands entering the esports space, citing the need for a clear strategy as the cause for many of these. Subsequently, attitudes to brand involvement in esports by region are explored.

In summary, the seven commandments of esports communications are listed as:

  1. Create value
  2. Be authentic
  3. Be timely
  4. Be media savvy
  5. Be transparent
  6. Be truthful about who you are
  7. Be bold

These are explored and explained in more detail in the report. To download the seven commandments of esports communications, click here.

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