The Newzoo global esports market report 2019 features key insights into 10 different regions. It discusses the six key trends driving the esports, media, and tech industries forward, and presents Newzoo’s latest forecast scenarios for the esports audience and its economy. Together, esports and games have surpassed the yearly revenues generated by the film industry and have equalled revenues from traditional sports.

Key takeaways from the global esports market report are:

  1. Global esports revenues will grow to $1.1 billion in 2019, a year-on-year growth of +26.7%. North America will generate $409.1 million of this amount, while China will account for $210.3 million
  2. In 2019, $897.2 million in revenues, or 82% of the total market, will come from brand investments (media rights, advertising, and sponsorship). This will increase to $1.5 billion by 2022, making up 87% of total esports revenues
  3. Globally, the total esports audience will grow to 453.8 million in 2019, a year-on-year growth of +15.0%. Esports Enthusiasts will make up 201.2 million of this number, growing +16.3% year on year
  4. China will have the most Esports Enthusiasts in 2019 with 75.0 million, followed by the U.S. and Brazil. South Korea will have the highest share of Esports Enthusiasts relative to its online population (Esports Density) in 2019 with 12%
  5. The global average revenue per Esports Enthusiast will be $5.45 this year, up +8.9% from $5.00 in 2018.
  6. In 2018, there were 737 major events. Together, they generated for $54.7 million in ticket revenues, down from $58.9 million in 2017
  7. The total prize money in 2018 reached $150.8 million, a significant increase from 2017’s $112.1 million
  8. The League of Legends World Championship was 2018’s biggest tournament by live viewership hours on Twitch, with 53.8 million hours. It also produced $1.9 million in ticket revenues. The Overwatch League was the most-watched league by live viewership hours on Twitch, generating 79.5 million hours

The key esports global trends Newzoo has identified (and explores in more detail) in the global esports market report are:

  1. Esports brands are developing unique identities *
  2. Content is king, but content packages change its reign
  3. Ne live streaming platforms enter the fray
  4. Mid-tier events drive innovation
  5. Esports viewership returns to the community *
  6. Betting is becoming an integral part of esports *

* explored in more detail in the report

To download the global esports market report 2019, click here.

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