Newzoo’sBetting on Billions, Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers – March 2019‘ report addresses the “massive [games] opportunity for brands. The games market, with its innovative monetisation strategies and highly engaged consumers, is seriously challenging the way traditional entertainment has worked for decades. This is one of the reasons why media giants like Netflix are continuing to experiment with interactive experiences. Simply put: video games be they on mobile, PC, console, or somewhere else boast a lucrative userbase that is largely untapped.”

The report looks at the U.S, U.K, Germany, and France and sheds light on “mobile gamers and their untapped potential for brands and advertisers. [It] examines their demographics, buying habits, and preferences, the influence they have on purchasing decisions both in and outside of their home, and their attitude toward advertising and brands.”

Key outputs of the Betting on Billions, Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers – March 2019 report are:

  1. Gaming is the third most popular app category
  2. Gaming and music are most reflective of consumers when it comes to gender
  3. Gamers have larger purchase influence than non-gamers
  4. Gamers are more receptive to advertising than non-gamers

The content of the report addresses three main areas:

  1. Mobile app usage
    1. Usage by app category and time of day
    2. Most-played titles
    3. Gender split by app type
    4. Age range by type of game
  2. Influence and purchasing behaviours
    1. Influence on peer group
    2. Categories in which they influence others
    3. Game preference overlaid by influence on spend by category
    4. Importance of a brands values on buying preference
  3. Opportunities for brands
    1. Receptiveness to advertising
    2. Attitude to brands

Download the full Betting on Billions, Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers – March 2019 report here.

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