Newzoo and Mintegral Asia’s top mobile game market report examines China, Japan, and South Korea as the three largest markets in the APAC region.  Each country presents unique opportunities for Western mobile developers, along with unique barriers to entry. These markets are mature and have long been dominated by local players: Tencent in China, Line in Japan, and Kakao in South Korea. Culturally, these markets are very different than the West, with Asian mobile gamers favouring local IPs, fantasy or anime-style graphic designs, different paying behaviour, and more.

In this report, the authors take an in-depth look at Asia’s top mobile game markets, including their dynamics, consumer preferences, and growth potential. Key takeaways include:

  1. $87.1bn in global app revenues
  2. APAC sees the most smartphone users
  3. China is the #1 app market
  4. Japanese mobile payers are the biggest spenders
  5. South Korea has the highest smartphone penetration in Asia

Asia’s top mobile game market report contents include:

  1. Introduction to the key markets
    1. App revenue
    2. Mobile game revenue
    3. Share of smartphone users
    4. Forecast future app revenue
  2. Deep dive into the key markets – China, Japan and South Korea
    1. App revenue
    2. Game genre popularity
    3. Top grossing games
    4. Top grossing non-game apps
    5. Top 10 Android apps
    6. Gamer demographics
    7. Tablet vs smartphone comparison
    8. Smartphone user numbers and forecasts
    9. Brand popularity
    10. Summary and tips

Click here to download Asia’s top mobile game market report.

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