Seven League is a digital consultancy that specialises in sport. They have drawn on their experience to define the seven digital trends that impacted the sports industry most in 2018 and have how they will change the direction of clubs, leagues, teams, federations and players in 2019. This is all summarised in ‘The top seven digital trends in sport report 2019’. In summary, the top seven digital trends in sport are:
1. Athletes becoming media: “Players are becoming more aware of the value of access and no-one controls access better than the players themselves”. 2. Voice in everything: “All the while, these platforms are collecting consumer data to bolster their advertising offering to brands. This places them in direct competition with sports brands whose ability to sell sponsorship packages increasingly relies on their ability to deliver audience insights”. 3. Peak stories and docuseries: “Expect more teams to announce that they’re dialling-down efforts on some channels, based on analysis of return on their content production investment”. 4. A return to community: “We’re now seeing a re-emergence of communities built around passion and interest points, rather than colleagues, friends and family”. 5. OTT – breakout year: “Marketers will increasingly be called upon to make a success of what the technologists have delivered“. 6. Interactive content > immersive content: “Sports organisations have taken note of how younger audiences are consuming live video streams, particularly gaming content” 7. The localisers are winning: “The sports bodies with the most ambitious global expansion goals were the ones doing the most specific, locally-differentiated work in key markets”.
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