Sports organisations – from rights holders to sponsors, broadcasters to agencies – are embarking, to some degree or another, on a process of digital transformation; increasingly putting data, analytics and technology at the heart of their day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. The Data-driven Decision Making – Sport and the Digital Revolution Report offers perspectives on data collection, interpretation and insight dissemination; cultural change and digital-focused leadership; and clear case studies on how a variety of leading organisations in sport – in different sectors and of different sizes – use data to generate business outcomes.

Digital transformation is a process affecting every industry. It promises profound change, not just in organisational efficiency and internal systems, but in one capacity to develop sophisticated one-to-one relationships with consumers, customers and/or clients.

In sport the potential that digital transformation offers is enormous. Whether it’s through enabling deeper, more sustained emotional connections with fans through personalised relationships, or uncovering and exploiting monetisation opportunities with more efficiency and rigour, a thorough a nuanced understanding of what people want and how and when they want it lies at the core of digital transformation in sport.

The 30-page report contains insight from the likes of the NBA, PGA Tour, FIFA, AZ Alkmaar, Formula E, BT Sport, DAZN and KORE Software.

To download the Data-driven Decision Making – Sport and the Digital Revolution Report, click here.

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