The ‘UK Active Lives Adult Survey Nov 16-17 report’ summarises activity levels in England from November 2016 to 2017. Alongside presenting the latest national picture of engagement in sport and physical activity, is included references to where there been statistically significant changes in the last year.

The intention of the report is to give the big picture in an easily digestible format. For those who want to explore the data further, there are links in this report to the data tables. If you would like to carry out your own analysis of the data, it is suggested you take a look at the Active Lives Analysis Tool, which can be found at

With only two full years of data it is too early to meaningfully talk about trends over time, but based on these results, it is fair to say that the picture is one of stability.

To download the ‘UK Active Lives Adult Survey Nov 16-17 report’, please click here.