Marketers are always looking for ways to grow share of voice, deepen connections with the audience, and drive greater efficiencies/ results, and so the Intelligent Automation for the Modern Marketer Report reviews the tools you can use to meet those goals.

Increasingly, artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a role in many marketing services. Marketers of every type can harness these powerful features to better understand the customer, create more tailored experiences, and ultimately drive business results.

While researching the guide, the authors reviewed nearly a hundred marketing services that take advantage of these advanced new capabilities.

When picking services worth highlighting, they looked for products that not only simplify complicated workflows through automation, but also use some aspect of machine intelligence to solve problems in a clever way. Examples range from services that help make decisions, provide customers with an experience uniquely customized to them, automate campaign monitoring, and alert you when something unexpected happens—ultimately enabling marketers to focus on higher-impact work.

The report is organised with recommendations by marketing function so you can dive straight into your own area of expertise and review some of the latest solutions on the market.

  1. Tools for brand marketers – stay on top of conversations around your brand
  2. Tools for performance marketers – generate demand and drive growth
  3. Tools for event & field marketers – make connections in the real world
  4. Tools for social media marketers – speed up your social engagement
  5. Tools for content marketers – tailor your communication to your audience
  6. Tools for customer-facing marketers – automate and analyse connections with customers
  7. Tools for product marketers & project managers – analyse your marketing

Staying competitive in marketing means embracing new tools that save hours of tedious busywork, provide crucial insights, and help automatically make data-driven changes that improve the bottom line.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already serve as the backbone of many apps and services we use in our daily lives, and that same power and timesaving automation is increasingly found in tools specific to marketing.

Rights holders, and brands in their activations of sport and entertainment partnerships, aren’t always known for their adoption of effective technology to help deliver bottom line results. Quite often, in our experience, their point of view can be that they don’t want to be sold to, rather than spending the time to learn more about the technology and critically assessing whether it could help them deliver value.

With sponsorship budgets coming under increased pressure from spend elsewhere in the business, brand sponsorship managers need to do all they can to appraise themselves of new technologies and techniques to make their spend deliver better ROI and show how sponsorship can deliver value as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Furthermore, as well as increased competition for rights holders from a greater number of opportunities on the market, it is within commercial directors interests to show how they can grow and deliver value for existing, and potential partners. Looking outside of sport and entertainment is key to this learning and the Intelligent Automation for the Modern Marketer Report is a good first step to this.

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