The Frukt ‘Listen Up – Music Snapshot 2017’ report showcases the useful stats, facts and trends as the music industry continues to evolve and adapt, as fans change the way they listen and share. Frukt believe the space for brands to innovate and experiment has never been more vibrant. Key takeouts from the report include:

Listening takeouts

  • Genre definitions becoming increasingly irrelevant as the lines between genres continue to blur
  • Urban music still dominates the popular charts with Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Grime exerting a major influence on today’s top producers
  • EDM rising in the East with a boom in festivals, despite attitudes towards the genre mellowing in the West
  • Visual music media IS the most popular consumption platform amongst young Millennials, with YouTube the ‘go to’ service despite the escalating popularity of streaming

Experience takeouts

  • Streaming is now the new normal outstripping physical and other digital consumption models for the first time and scaling dramatically
  • Surge in interest in analogue music consumption as fans start to feel ‘digital fatigue’ and actively seek something authentic and tangible
  • Augmented listening experiences on the rise as VR, live streaming and ‘Smart Home’ devices enable users to interact with music in both innovative and increasingly human ways
  • Social music sharing still an untapped market with bespoke listening venues and shared live streaming looking to capitalise on the ‘social void’ in a streaming dominate culture

To download the Frukt ‘Listen Up – Music Snapshot 2017’ report, please click here.