Strive Sponsorship has continued to grow its client list after being appointed by the Secret Group, best known for its Secret Cinema brand.

Strive will work with Secret Cinema, the pioneer of multi-layered immersive cinema where large-scale cultural experiences are created in abandoned spaces (fusing film, music, theatre and installations), on its partnership strategy for upcoming production ‘Secret Cinema Presents Moulin Rouge’.

Over 420,000 people have attended Secret Cinema in the 10 years it has been operating and ‘Secret Cinema Presents Moulin Rouge‘, launching on Valentines Day 2017, will see tens of thousands more enter the 360-degree participatory world where the boundaries between performer and audience, and set and reality, are constantly shifting.

Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship, Malph Minns, said:

“There’s nothing else out there that offers brands what Secret Cinema does. A lot of rightsholders talk about the importance of customer experience, but none of them put it front and centre quite the way Secret Cinema does, building their whole proposition around them without cutting corners. This approach creates phenomenal value in the Secret Cinema brand.”

“This laser-like focus on the customer ensures brands adopt the right approach to sponsorship, that of adding value to the experience rather than trying to interrupt it. This behaviour helps build deep and authentic engagement. Whilst some sponsors may worry about the lack of opportunity to amplify the relationship, as phones and cameras aren’t permitted at the shows, others recognise the value of having the customers undivided attention, free from distraction and available to be influenced through the power of storytelling.”