The University of Salford Centre for Sports Business, in collaboration with The Digital Cluster and World Gaming Executives hosted a one-day symposium in November 2016 on esports and the Future of Sport.  The event included talks by leading academics in the field, and those working in the management and provision of esports. It explored the rapidly developing business of esports, and considered its relationship and synergies with the changing nature of more traditional sports.  This specific session addresses what the opportunities within esports are for brands and rightsholders.

The panel consisted of Malph Minns (Managing Director, Strive Sponsorship), Dominic Sacco (Content Director, British esports Association), Carleigh Morgan (Researcher, King’s College London and Global Research Director, Institute for esports Leaders) and Josh Williams (Founder of NUEL, The National University esports League).

Specific questions addressed include:

  • Does esports need greater governance?
  • How is the right balance struck between the requirement to make a profits from esports and an environment created by the fan community?
  • What are the opportunities for brands and broadcasters and what might they do?
  • Is there a danger esports is creating false hopes and dreams for amateur gamers that they can make a sustainable living from being a professional player?
  • Will existing sports brands dominate the esports professional scene in the future?
  • Will the growing professionalism of esports create a disconnect with the fans as it becomes more corporate?
  • What roles and opportunities are there for university’s in esports?
  • How will the fact publishers make more money from its participant base, than its esports fan base, effect the future development of esports?
  • What is the impact of gambling on esports?

If there are any specific topics you’d like to explore in more detail, or are additional to what was discussed, please send us a message via the Contact Us page.