The Digital Sport Summit 2016 brings together leaders involved with digital within the sports industry for a day of inspiration and education. The aim of the day is to get people thinking, being creative and having fun in the process. We have a number of short talks, panels, an interactive workshop and a live recording of a podcast during the lunch break.

Our speakers will cover a number of topics, all of which look at how the sports industry is being ‘disrupted’ and what that could look like. From esports to VR and livestreaming to YouTube influencers, we have heard about so many new trends over recent months. But what do they actually mean to the people on the ground making it happen at clubs, leagues, agencies and brands?

The emphasis is on the speakers and what they have to say in an intimate surrounding. There’s no microphones, big screens or powerpoint slides. Just an emphasis on engaged learning and fun, and don’t worry there is wifi available!

Strive Sponsorship MD, Malph Minns, will be sharing insights in the panel session entitled ‘esports: a threat or an opportunity for traditional sport?’.

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